Work, clients and media – a word rap

Approach: “We have a very structured, strategic approach while trying to convey a lot of emotion. Our focus is always on the people our work affects.”

M.O.: “Before we start conceptual work on a project, the first step is to put ourselves in your situation and the lives of your customers. That’s the only way we can feel and experience the issues and desires that need sorting out.”

Client orientation: “The best thing we can do for you is to work for you, think ahead and relieve you of the work of communication.”
Media follows function: “Neither products nor communication channels come first in our concepts. What matters is what engages people and the ways they communicate. We use media to reach people where they live their lives, both physically and virtually.”

Potential: “Imagine you have potential and no one notices. What a pity! For us it’s important to recognise potential. We see it as part of our job to encourage, develop and expand your potential.”

Synergies: “We think ahead. And then we keep on thinking. If there are thematic starting points, overlaps or opportunities for further development, we find them and implement them.”

Think outside the box: “Health issues are our passion. But that does not keep us from thinking outside the box. On the contrary— new topics inspire our core work and our thinking all the time.”