Innovation meets marketing

As a long-time marketing executive for print products of the News publishing group, I came to realise that it’s no longer possible to reach people without going digital. Today, everyone’s just a mouse click away. The challenge I face every day as managing director for marketing and sales is to help our clients actually reach their customers.

Creating from the digital

Innovations are my daily bread, both personally and professionally. This includes trying new electronic devices and also surfing in virtual worlds to stay up-to-date. Despite my love for technology, personal contacts are still important to me. That’s the only way to work closely with our clients to achieve their communication goals and develop the right ways to communicate about health and healthcare.

Nature, travel and cookery

Walking through the Vienna Woods and vineyards with Sunny, my four-legged companion, is pure relaxation for me and a great opportunity to clear my head. I often dream of taking a trip to Ethiopia. In a change of pace from the digital world, I love to spend time in the kitchen cooking for friends, following my passion for trying out new recipes.

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