Development through empathy and expertise

Communication in health care requires correct targeting of information like no other field. This must therefore be based on an appreciative and sympathetic attitude. In practice, therefore, it’s important to me that every individual on the team understands our clients’ needs. It’s exactly this approach that allows us to develop unique approaches to whatever situation we’re facing.

Arming yourself with knowledge

Knowledge puts us in a position of being better able to deal with the challenges of life, including illness and health issues. The key to communicating that knowledge lies in the right mix of successful design, the right choice of words and high-quality information. As a physician, it’s important to me to present information in a way that is understandable and reaches those who need to know.

The beautiful things of life

My job is my calling. Nevertheless, I appreciate my free time when I get to simply enjoy the sun, surrender myself to epicurean pleasures or indulge my weakness for shoes and shabby chic. Recycling old things into new products inspires me. And if time and my dog Chilly allow, I also like to design rings, lamps or even a bar.

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